so, as implied/addressed in took's diktionary's def of "number" "money" "infinity" etc, math's language contradiction of INFINITY+X=INFINITY points to the humanly-so-far-not-quite-graspable "mystery" AND:
perhaps most importantly:
- the fact that numbers don't exist (cant eat a 2 but u can eat 2 big macs).
- numbers are abstract approximations for what we need to count for practical convenience.
- money is a practical convention for trade: i'll give you 300 if you give me that object or do me a service or a job, and you use that 300 to give 295 to pay your credit card bill and spend another 5 on your smokes or give it to the bag lady, whatever. naturally, if it's not electronic money but a dollar BILL, ie physical reference to the money number, for example the first dollar BILL you frame in your new business, or that dollar BILL autographed by ur fave celebrity or athlete, that dollar bill is now something that for you has a different kind of "value" as a physical OBJECT. (of course you might sell it to pawn stars too)
- in reality, OTHER THAN FOR MONEY, the statement/language "1+2=3" is itself false, because:
- while for OUR PRATICAL CONVENIENCE it's useful and almost necessary to say there are 3 people there, 3 atoms in that molecule, 3 galaxies in that micro region of the cosmos, NO 3 people are EQUAL, NO 3 atoms are EQUAL, NO 3 galaxies are EQUAL. nothing is equal. that is where the mystics that western society laughs at when they say "all is one" are onto more truth, in some sense, than the mathematicians and physicists that write "3 + 9(squared) x 101(to the 9th power) - (the square root) of 3.14" are, on the one hand making some kickass space shuttles and smartphones and bridges and seismic-preparedness no-soft-floor dwellings that hopefully WILL save your life when a 7.9 earthquake hits, but on the other hand in terms of reality any number requires the question "what?": one WHAT? three hundred WHAT? no two big macs are equal. "EQUAL" itself does not exist. so the ultimate mysticism is embedded in the language of math. in that sense, again, it's not just that "infinity+X=infinity" is false --though beautiful one could argue-- it's that ANY "number+number=number" is false. but very practical in our daily life. as for thr other problems with "the big bang" they get much deeper, as any diligent inquiry that accepts evidence and logic will demonstrate. da bg bang is however an arguably beautiful similar thing to saying "imagine consciousness" and "visualize the dot in the T."
- "finally," for those into this kinda shit, this whole "tie" between math and mystery is connected to the pixel resolution in your display, the yin and the yang, and the matter of square and round. in other words, if you "infinitely" magnify the "corner" of a square or square pixel, or "infinitely" magnify the dpi round circles that make up your favorite printed, poster, you're gonna get into an infinite loop of no-edge. because just like there are no numbers, there are no equals, so too there are no such things as either a point or a line. having said that, we're here. we exist. we counT.
- but, again, physicists use math to PREDICT. and INCORRECTLY they thus thought their their math-based equations are RULES that every atom NECESSARILY follows, they called this "scientific determinism," and paradoxically argue that their arguments are NOT free will but NECESSARY results of math/physics laws --they paradoxically argue that they don't argue against free will because it is their will to argue against free will: they "argue" that every breath they take is DICTATED by PHYSICAL LAWS described by math equations. this blew up when they realized that at the subatomic level, photons did NOT "follow" such physical laws. (quantum physics.) thus they tried to come up with NEW physical laws. it became a quagmire. the simple answer is that, like i said, we confuse choice/preference with achievement. the photon that might "prefer" to go this way instead of that way, has to deal with all the other photons that "prefer" the other way. it's a fuckn trip. and every photon counts[***].
in terms of human society, where every human counts, i argue that if the majority --ideally ALL-- humans agree that for human society to be healthy every human must have enough to eat and acces to the internet, humanity WILL EVOLVE TO WHERE IT IS HEALTHY.
ftr the cost of food for all the hungry people of the world is 1% of the money the world has. as for making decisions together, i believe in what i've been calling "the tyra smartphon" or the "top choice system": /
which can also create a new economy ( with a combo of these: click your top choice + win a tiny income and/or get paid a tiny income to click on ads) + make sure big business (big money) and people with no money (but with internet) are on equal footing in world choices ) as well as entertainment and personal choices etc.
and i've been writing fiction stories of "the earth of the future" in which we the people live in such heaven on earth, and FICTION characters such as batman terminator aliens etc fight spectacularly while we REAL people keep the "boom pow" action where it belongs, ie where there is reciprocal CONSENT.
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